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Training Courses --

Here are just some of the comments received from the training sessions run by Les Staves.

Les is available for whole school In-House training and is bookable for conferences.
There are also a wide range of courses open to individuals or groups - see the events section.

The courses are colourful and well thought-out. They use a wealth of illustrative resources and cover:
  • Why Mathematics is important for pupils with very special needs.
  • Important aspects of early learning - which are precursors to mathematics.
  • How children establish early mathematical concepts.
The presentations can cover:
  • The beginning of sensory appreciation of quantity, time and space --
  • right through to how children learn about counting and the fundamental processes of numeracy and calculation, recording and using and applying skills.
  • Interpreting and developing appropriate curriculum and teaching approaches.
  • Creative resources.
  • Using P scales for teaching.
Each training session is interwoven with an entertaining demonstration of resources, that will give ideas to teachers of all kinds of children who working towards level one in special and mainstream schools.

Workshops can support:
  • Teachers who are implementing the Numeracy Framework and developing lessons for very special pupils.
  • Discussion of QCA guidelines and using P scales.
Enabling teachers to promote useful mathematical skills for very special pupils both in the daily Numeracy lesson and across the curriculum.

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