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Articles by Les Staves

Rhythm of Life   Rhythm of Life
Rhythm of Life This article discusses the nature of fundamental mathematics and its importance to pupils with severe or profound learning difficulties, and suggests appropriate approaches to enhancing the National curriculum to meet their needs.

Magnifying Maths   Magnifying Maths
Magnifying Maths Expanding on the idea of "Personal and Social Mathematics" which was introduced in the article "Rhythm of Life". This article looks at mathematics and how it connects to many important areas of learning for children with profound and complex learning difficulties, and how all that relates to the National Curriculum.

Learning to Make It Count   Learning to Make It Count
Learning to Make It Count In this article we find that counting is a complex skill. We look at how children learn to count, described in detail in the "Parts of Counting" and the "Principles of Counting".
Learning the skills described in this article will be appropriate for the Numeracy Hour for many children with very special needs.