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  1. The Very Special Maths Facebook page -- (
    Les and Very Special Maths is now on Facebook. There's some lively discusssions and a growing links page.

  2. The QCA Guidance Booklets -- (
    The QCA guidance booklets for "Planning, teaching and assessing the curriculum for pupils with learning difficulties" were revised in 2009. They provide guidance on how appropriate access to the National Curriculum for pupils with severe or profound learning difficulties can be approached. These books are mainstays of the approach to developing curriculum and schemes of work for such pupils.
    Information can be found on the QCDA website pages using this link.

    The booklets can be downloaded:

    For mathematics follow this link.

    Two other important booklets are The Developing skills booklet and
    The General guidance booklet.

    See also the download file The Scope of Learning in Special Maths.

  3. Using the P scales -- (
    In 2005 QCA produced the guidance pack 'Using the P scales'. It is designed to help teachers of pupils who work below level 1 of the national curriculum. The pack covers assessment, moderation and reporting of pupil attainment in English, mathematics and science at levels P4 to P8. In recent bulletins about statutory requirements to report progress using P Scales This material is quoted as the source of guidance on good practice in observation and assessment, collecting evidence, making balanced judgements, moderation etc. It can be accessed via

  4. Flo Longhorn -- (
    Flo Longhorn queen of the sensory curriculum.

  5. Multi Sensory Room -- ( )
    Dynamo of light sound and the sensology of learning.

  6. The P Scales Matters Discussion Forum -- (
    This forum is a place to exchange information about using P scales to track the progress of individual pupils with special educational needs, who are who are working at earlier levels than that described by the UK National Curriculum programmes of study or the Primary Strategies yearly teaching programmes.

    The purpose of this forum is to promote professional dialogue, helping teachers develop their common understanding of levels of pupils' progress.